total:  from joy division to new order

Total: From Joy Division to New Order is a lyric book made for the compilation album of the same name by Joy Division and New Order. This book explores how typography can be used to express complex emotions. 

Insturctors: Scott Laserow

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For this piece, I chose to create a lyric book for the compilation album Total by Joy Division and New Order. They are two of my favorite bands so I was excited to be able to make a piece about their music. Originally Joy Division, lead by Ian Curtis, created the first half of the songs on the album, the band continued as New Order after his untimely death. Curtis wrote all of the lyrics for Joy Division, which allude to the struggles of mental illness, this went unnoticed by his bandmates. Because of this, I wanted the viewer to really engage with the piece to be able to read the lyrics. The viewer who does this is rewarded with a greater understanding of music. The way I apply typography is in reference to the lyrics of the songs.  For my visuals, I was very inspired by Peter Saville who was the designer for Factory Records at the time, and created most of the band’s album artwork. I wanted to pay homage to his work, through referencing his original designs.  

original image transfers on watercolor paper